Omani Heritage Gallery, L.L.C.

Winner of the Oman Award for Excellence Tourism Award 2004

This site contains information about OHG, our history, projects we have in work, and the artisans that make it all possible.

The ABOUT OHG link contains information about us, our Founder, and a link to an article about us in the Washington Post.

The ARTISANS link provides exposure to the talented men and woman of Oman that we created our organisation to serve.

The PROJECTS link contains links to various development projects that we have undertaken or are planning in the near term. This section of our website is the area that will see the most change as we embark on new development. Some of our development projects seek to rejuvenate dieing crafts (such as the Indigo Project), while others take existing crafts and create new uses for them.

The STAFF link provides a look at our dedicated staff who make us the success we have become today.

SHOP OHG.COM is a link to our on-line store front. After browsing these pages, you may want to take a look at our products.

CONTACT US will open your e-mail application for you to ask questions, or make suggestions or comments.

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